Carta prepagata condivisa Globalstar 250

Carta prepagata condivisa Globalstar 250

Carte prepagate condivise Globalstar / Unità prepagate 250 / Giorni di scadenza 180

Carta prepagata condivisa Globalstar 250

Personal Prepaid FAQ

What is personal Prepaid?

The Personal Prepaid service is a Duplex Service that allows you to activate your phone with a Prepaid credit that you can use to call any destination or connect to the internet. As opposed to Postpaid, Prepaid does not require any monthly or annual fee and there are no contractual obligations. You are free to use his phone and purchase vouchers whenever you see fit.

How much does a Prepaid phone call cost?

The effective rate per minute depends on the Prepaid voucher purchased and the destination. 5 Prepaid vouchers are available: 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 minutes. The suggested retail rate varies from 60 cents per minute to as low as 48 cents per minute for calls to any destination across the world except for calls to Other Satellite Networks. In such case, the cost per minute will be tenfold. In other words, 10 minutes will be discounted from your pool of minute for every minute of call.

How are calls to other Globalstar phones charged?

These calls are charged like a call to any destination across the world.

Are Data connections possible from a Personal Prepaid Phone?

Yes. Circuit Switched Data connections are available from January 2014. Packet Data Connections are available from March 2014.

Are the Personal Prepaid vouchers only available under the shape of physical plastic card?

No. Based on your needs, you can either purchase physical cards or virtual Prepaid vouchers from your local Dealer.

How do I activate a Globalstar Personal Prepaid Phone?

You will need to purchase a Globalstar compatible handset from your local dealer (or provide your compatible handset DEC ESN and Phone Number to him) and purchase one of our available Personal Prepaid vouchers. You will also need to purchase a Personal Prepaid card or voucher, which will be used in the process.

Can I request activating a Personal Prepaid Phone without using a Personal Prepaid voucher or card?

This is not possible. Activating a Personal Prepaid Phone requires purchasing one of our existing Personal Prepaid cards or vouchers.

Is there any activation fee?

No. There are no additional fees to activating a Personal Prepaid Phone other than the cost of the phone and your first Prepaid voucher.

What are the increments?

Calls to worldwide fixed and Mobile destinations are deducted from your account per increment of 1 minute regardless of the nature of the call (Voice or Data). Calls to Other Satellite Networks are deducted from your account per increment of 10 minutes.

What Globalstar phone does Personal Prepaid work with?

Personal Prepaid is currently available to Qualcomm GSP phones such as GSP1600 and GSP1700 Mobile handsets or GSP2900 fixed phone.

Are you saying that the Personal Prepaid Service is not available to TELIT SAT550 / SAT600 and Ericsson R290 handsets as well as FAU200 Fixed phones?

That is correct. GSM based phones (that use Globalstar SIM cards) are not compatible with Personal Prepaid service.

Do my minutes expire if I do not use my phone for an extended period of time?

Each recharge has a limited period of validity once loaded in your account. This validity period is written on the physical card and varies from 60 to 365 days depending on the size of the voucher.

When does the Validity Period start from, for example, the 60 days Validity period for the 50 minutes card?

The Validity Period starts from the moment the credit is loaded into the account, either at the time of the phone activation or when using a recharge card or voucher.

How can I check how much time I have left before my credit expires?

You will need to contact your local dealer to get this information. The IVR system will also prompt you as to what credit you have left when it reaches a low balance.

Will I be notified by SMS or otherwise if my credit balance is low?

No notification will be sent. You will need to call your IVR to check your balance.

Is my line deactivated if I do not use my phone for an extended period of time?

After 12 months without recharge, your account and phone will be deactivated. You will then have to contact your local dealer to reactivate your phone if you would like to use it again.

Can I buy a Personal Prepaid recharge and keep it indefinitely until the day I need to load them in my account?

Cards have an expiry date printed on them. They must therefore be loaded in your account before that date otherwise the minutes they contain will be lost.

Ok I understand that but when do my minutes expire if I load 50 minutes (valid 60 days) in my account then 100 minutes (valid 120 days) one month later?

When different recharges are credited to your account at different dates, it is the later expiry date that applies. In this example, all the minutes, including the remaining minutes from the first 50 minutes recharge, will be valid for 120 days from the day you load the 100 minute credit into your account.

How do I recharge my Personal Prepaid account when I run out of minutes or when my minutes have expired?

You need to purchase a new Prepaid card or voucher from your local Dealer and then call your IVR either from a landline or your Globalstar Phone where you will be given the option of keying in your Prepaid PIN and recharging your account.

What is the IVR?

The IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) platform is your Personal Prepaid User Interface. This Interactive Menu will guide you through the options to manage your account, recharge your balance and check your Voicemail.

How do I access it?

You can access it by dialing the single access code *888 from your Globalstar phone or +33582881606 from your landline or mobile phone. You can then navigate the through the interface menu.

How much does it cost to call the IVR?

Calls are Free of Charge if you call from your Globalstar Prepaid Phone and you can call as many times as needed. Calls are charged if you call from a landline or Mobile phone at the rate of an international call to the French Landline Number +33582881606.

How can I check how much credit I have left in my Personal Prepaid account?

You can find this information anytime through the IVR menu.

Is there a direct number from which I can reach my Voicemail Box or do I always have to go through the IVR menu?

You can reach your Voicemail box directly by dialing *877 from your Globalstar handset or by dialing +33582880420 from any Landline or Mobile phone.

Where does Personal Prepaid service work?

Your Personal Prepaid Service is available in the Globalstar Europe Prepaid Home zone which map is available online at

Is it possible to roam with a Personal Prepaid Phone in other Service areas?

No. Personal Prepaid Phones can only be used within our Home Zone. Our Home Zone currently covers both Globalstar Europe and Globalstar Avrasya Service areas. We will later extend The Personal Prepaid coverage map to include additional Globalstar service areas into our Home Zone. North and Latin America Service Areas are to be added to our Home Zone from March 2014.

I already have a Globalstar phone active with a Postpaid Plan. Can I also use it as a Personal Prepaid phone without deactivating my Postpaid subscription?

This is not possible. You have to deactivate your Postpaid Phone before you can activate it with a Personal Prepaid voucher.

Do I have to reprogram my phone or change my phone number to move from a Postpaid subscription to a Prepaid service?

No. You can use the exact same phone with the same phone number without changing anything. All you need to do is make sure your phone is not already active with a Postpaid Plan before requesting its activation with a Personal Prepaid card/voucher.

If my phone does not have a Globalstar Europe phone number, can I activate it with a Personal Prepaid voucher?

No. Similar to Postpaid service, subscribing to a Service provided by Globalstar Europe requires your phone to be programmed with a Globalstar Europe profile and phone number.

What about SMS?

SMS service is limited. Indeed, SMS cannot be sent from Qualcomm GSP phones. And SMS can only be sent to Qualcomm GSP phones from our SMS tool available in our website.